Introducing the Z-Prime Lens System

The Z-Prime Lens Kit is the essential starting point for building your professional iPhoneography system. Choose the premium Z-Prime Lens that best fits your photographic needs to capture professional grade photos and videos. The Ztylus Z-Prime Lenses are the high end solution for the serious photographer.






Multi Element Design

Each lens has 5 glass elements in 4 groups that enable corner to corner sharpness with ultra low distortion. The lenses are optically engineered to be perfect at their respective focal lengths.


Package Includes

1- Ztylus iPhone Metal Series Case
1- Super Wide Angle Lens
1- Telephoto Lens
1- Z-Prime Lens Carrier
2- Magnetic Lens Caps


Professional Image Quality

Professional grade image sharpness with outstanding optical quality. Advances in the iPhone cameras require top quality lenses to take advantage of the extended resolution and 4K capability. Lenses so sharp, you won’t leave home without them. Our Z-Prime lenses have a resolution of 300 LM/mm and chromatic aberration is dramatically reduced at the edges.

Check out this short that was shot completely with the Z-Prime Lenses


Wide Angle 2X Telephoto
Design 5 elements
4 groups
5 elements
4 groups
Magnification Ratio 0.63X 2.0X
Coating Multilayer Coated Multilayer Coated
Chromatic Aberration < 1px at edge < 1px at edge
Resolution (A*IS) 300 lp/mm 300 lp/mm
Resolution (Corner) 250 lp/mm 150 lp/mm